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Anxiety disorders and panic attacks:
Help without waiting

Even if many anxiety patients can hardly imagine it: There is a therapy that helps with almost all anxiety disorders above average. It usually brings about a very rapid reduction in anxiety and, if used regularly, even enables you to completely overcome your anxiety disorder over time.

One of the reasons that this therapy method is so effective is that it does not stubbornly follow a particular school. Instead, it combines the latest findings in brain research with the best techniques from a wide range of different therapies. It was developed several years ago at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy in Berlin (Germany). It eventually became known internationally under the term Bernhardt Method, in reference to the two institute directors Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt.

Another advantage of the Bernhardt Method is that it is also excellent for self-therapy. With the help of our online video course THE ANXIETY CURE, sufferers can free themselves from their fears step by step. And that without medication, without exposure therapy and without painful reappraisal of traumatic experiences.

This is what doctors say about the Bernhardt Method:

Viktoria Glasman - Specialist in Neurology & Trauma Therapist

Viktoria Glasman


The Bernhardt Method has enriched my work enormously

“The Bernhardt Method has enormously enriched my work with people suffering from anxiety and trauma sequelae. I am very grateful to Klaus Bernhardt for the lightness, humor and precision that have accompanied every therapy session since my training. This method also helps severely traumatized people to bring significantly more joy into their lives, to focus on their true needs and to activate self-healing processes.”

Stefanie Preuß - Psychiatrist, Specialist for Child and Youth Psychiatry

Stefanie Preuß


This is how I envision effective psychotherapeutic work

“As a physician, I am committed to scientific thinking. The Bernhardt Method offers me tools that can be derived from current neuroscientific findings. Working with these tools enables me to meet my large and small patients equally on the imaginative-formative, on the cognitive and on the action level. The Bernhardt Method guides me, together with my patients, to fundamentally look to the future and to their resources, and to use a language that repeatedly triggers amazement in both myself and my patients in view of the humorous, lively, light mood that is created between us. This is how I imagine effective psychotherapeutic work.”

Jürgen Peterek - Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, preventive physician (DAPM)

Jürgen Peterek


The Bernhardt Method helps me to treat my patients more effectively

“For many years I have been involved in holistic cardiology, both in diagnostics and in therapy. In the process, I often find that in addition to the organic causes of cardiovascular disease, there are other triggers that primarily affect the psyche and the autonomic system. This requires new ways of thinking and approaching treatment in order to be able to treat patients optimally. The Bernhardt Method is such an approach, with which I have often been able to achieve surprisingly fast significant treatment successes in my practice.”

Dr. med. univ. Judith Innerhofer - M.D.

Judith Innerhofer – M.D.


A quantum leap in treatment

“In my practice, the method developed by the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy brings an excellent improvement to my therapeutic work. Specialized in anxiety and panic disorders, the method of Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt fits seamlessly and excellently into my therapeutic concept. A quantum leap in treatment!”

 online video course “THE ANXIETY CURE”

Online video course as immediate help for anxiety patients

Perhaps you are also convinced that it is difficult to completely overcome an anxiety disorder. After all, you often hear such statements from doctors or therapists. In addition, you usually have to wait a long time for a place in therapy, which again increases the suffering of those affected. But there is another way. Because with the help of the online video course “THE ANXIETY CURE” you can start today to effectively do something against anxiety and panic.

Good to know:

The online video course “THE ANXIETY CURE” contains NO anxiety triggers. Many users report that just watching the videos leads to feeling more calm and serenity again.

Online therapy with the Bernhardt Method

How is online therapy via video course supposed to be more effective than regular therapy? We often hear this question and it is absolutely justified. One explanation is that the Bernhardt Method specifically stimulates the brain’s neuroplasticity to literally erase neural fear associations. And it even works for severe anxiety disorders and traumatic experiences.

As the course progresses, you will also learn about some of the organic triggers of anxiety disorders that are unfortunately all too often overlooked. This is important, because even the best psychotherapy is of little help if an anxiety disorder is based on unrecognized, physical causes.

What also distinguishes the Bernhardt Method from conventional therapies is that it is often possible to significantly reduce psychological and physical anxiety symptoms within a few days. How exactly the course is structured and how you can use it to not only reduce your anxiety, but even overcome it completely, you will learn in episode 2 of our video course, which you can watch here immediately for free.

The 2nd lesson of the video course "The anxiety cure" >>watch now for free

Anxiety disorders: Often a combination of multiple triggers

Even though you may find this hard to imagine based on your current situation: As soon as you have found out, with the help of our video course, which combination of mental and physical triggers has been standing in the way of your healing so far, true freedom from anxiety is often only a few weeks away. That’s because the new mental techniques that are also waiting for you in the course often bring about a significant reduction in the feeling of anxiety after just a few days.

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Online video course THE ANXIETY CURE


reg $399,00 Save $240,00 (60% off)


seal of quality-60-DAY-MONEY-BACK

Online video course


reg $399,00 Save $240,00 (60% off)


How the online video course helps against anxiety disorders

Our online video course “Finally free of anxiety!” is an easy-to-follow, logically structured step-by-step guide. This makes it surprisingly easy to quickly achieve initial success in the fight against anxiety and panic. This is also confirmed by numerous testimonials from users of our video course. This is what you can expect in detail:

Here you will learn how anxiety disorders really develop and which triggers your doctor may have overlooked. This aspect is particularly important, because it is not uncommon for there to be not just one, but several triggers behind an anxiety disorder that influence each other.

Here you’ll learn a whole new set of anxiety-stopping techniques that really work. You may think that you can’t do it without breathing techniques, distraction or progressive muscle relaxation. But thanks to modern brain research, there are now significantly more effective methods for stopping anxiety, dizziness, and even derealization and depersonalization disorders.

Here you will learn how you can literally “reprogram” your brain so that automated fears soon become a thing of the past. With the help of the 10-sentence method, you can often achieve a significant reduction in your fears after just a few days. The longer you apply the method, the less often you will have to struggle with anxiety attacks until they finally disappear completely.

The fourth part then deals with very concrete application examples for the mental techniques you have already learned. Whether you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia (with or without panic attacks) or hypochondria, for almost every anxiety disorder you will find tips and examples of how to proceed concretely.

Special features that are important for people with emetophobia, social phobia or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are additionally covered in each case in a separate video sequence.

At the end of the video course there is a special episode for relatives and friends of anxiety patients. This video ensures that the people around you will be able to support you even better in the future in finding your way to a beautiful and anxiety-free life.

Effective for almost all anxiety disorders

Every anxiety disorder is different. This makes it all the more important not to stubbornly follow a particular school of therapy. Instead, we individually use what best suits the respective anxiety type and the associated anxiety symptoms from different therapy directions.

For example, it also plays a big role whether you are a more auditory or visual type. And also which medications you take can have an influence on whether certain therapy techniques work for you or not. All this and much more has also been taken into account in our video course THE ANXIETY CURE.

In the course, with the help of simple tests, you will not only learn which anxiety type you are, but also which anxiety-stopping techniques will have the quickest effect in your case.

It is not about just enduring fears. The goal is a life full of lightness and joy.

The goal of our therapeutic work has always been not only to teach our patients to live with an anxiety disorder, but rather to ensure that anxiety and panic no longer occur at all, if possible. We are very happy and grateful that we regularly succeed in doing this, not only with our patients at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy in Berlin. Users of our online video course also often write to us about how well and quickly this form of therapy has helped them. If you like, you can read some of these customer reviews here.

Will you give yourself another chance?

Maybe you’ve already tried all sorts of things to get rid of your fears, but nothing has really worked so far. If you therefore doubt that an online video course, of all things, is now supposed to do what psychotherapists, psychosomatic clinics and medication have failed to do, then that is all too understandable. Therefore, we would like to invite you to watch at least the first 8 minutes of our online video course, which we have linked here for you free of charge. Who knows, maybe you will feel like one of the following video course users who contacted us by e-mail:

Sue A., Springfield

Sue A.
Springfield, Missouri

“I love your work! I learned more about myself and my anxiety disorder in just a few hours through your video course than I have learned in countless years of therapy and doctor visits.  Now it’s completely clear to me why I couldn’t get rid of my anxiety until now and what I need to do to finally become anxiety free again.”

Charlotte W.-B., Seattle, Washington

Charlotte W.-B.
Seattle, Washington

“These 7 hours of video were more useful to me than 2 years of psychoanalysis and 25 hours of behavioral therapy. I hope that I’ll finally get off of my medication, thanks to which I’ve already put on 38 lbs.”

Jim W., Santa Monica

Jim P.
Santa Monica, California

“This course has changed my life. Not only did it take away my anxiety, but it made me realize why my psyche so often reacted with fear and panic. The info in the videos is so much more than just tips for anxiety sufferers. When you engage in the tests and thought experiments, the effect is simply indescribable.”

Jamila P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamila D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I was very impressed by the different techniques that can immediately stop an anxiety attack. You have to experience it yourself, otherwise you can’t believe it.”