THE ANXIETY CURE Self-therapy at the cutting edge of science

5 steps to overcome almost any anxiety disorder

In the first episode of our online video course, you learned why it is possible to quickly reduce anxiety and even panic attacks if you uniquely activate your neuroplasticity.

In the next 50 episodes, we will now show you, step by step, precisely what to do to feel significantly less anxious after just a few hours.

This online video course is beneficial for:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Hypochondria
  • Emetophobia
  • Agoraphobia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

53 episodes with 7 hours of video material

No risk! Thousands of anxiety patients have successfully applied this method. In addition, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if the course does not have the desired effect on you.

We have taken care to design the individual videos so that they do not trigger any further anxiety when viewed. Many users of our video course have reported that just watching the unique videos has significantly reduced existing anxiety.

Give yourself another chance. Even if it’s hard to believe in your current situation, you’re just a few clicks away from a much easier life.

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No exposure therapy, no trauma reprocessing and no medication

This therapy suits me!
What distinguishes “The Anxiety Cure” from other therapies?

What distinguishes “The Anxiety Cure” from other therapies?

Perhaps the essential difference is that this form of self-therapy also works without drugs, exposure therapy, and painful reprocessing of traumatic experiences. Instead, you fight anxiety directly where it originates, in the neural connections of your brain.

Another difference is that we also address many combinations of psychological and physical situations that often go unrecognized as triggers of an anxiety disorder. Especially if you have been suffering from anxiety for a long time, you will be surprised how many possible causes for an anxiety disorder often go unnoticed.

That’s what you can expect in the other 50 episodes of this online video course:

  • Techniques to stop dizziness within seconds
  • Brand new techniques to stop emerging panic attacks quickly and reliably (no distractions, breathing techniques or progressive muscle relaxation)
  • Simple tests to determine how you neurally anchored your anxiety
  • Specific step-by-step instructions for overcoming agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, hypochondria, social anxiety disorder, emetophobia, generalized anxiety disorder and even PTSD.
  • Free of anxiety at last, how to reliably avoid relapses
  • New techniques for the elimination of derealization and depersonalization disorders
  • The latest state of science: how effective are antidepressants really?
  • How to finally get a grip on constant brooding
  • And much more

How the online video course helps against anxiety disorders

Our online video course “Finally free of anxiety!” is an easy-to-follow, logically structured step-by-step guide. This makes it surprisingly easy to quickly achieve initial success in the fight against anxiety and panic.

Step 1: Understanding anxiety disorders

Here you will learn how anxiety disorders really develop and which triggers your doctor may have overlooked. This aspect is particularly important, because it is not uncommon for there to be not just one, but several triggers behind an anxiety disorder that influence each other.

Step 2: Stop anxiety disorders

Here you’ll learn a whole new set of anxiety-stopping techniques that work. You may think that you can’t do it without medication, exposure therapy, breathing techniques, or progressive muscle relaxation. But thanks to modern brain research, there are now much healthier and more effective ways to combat anxiety, dizziness, and even derealization and depersonalization disorders.

Step 3: Reprogram fear associations in the brain

Here you will learn how you can literally “reprogram” your brain so that automated fears soon become a thing of the past. The longer you apply the method, the less often you will have to struggle with anxiety attacks until they finally disappear entirely.

Step 4: Application examples & special cases

The fourth part then deals with very concrete examples of application for the mental techniques already learned. We also address the specifics of different anxiety disorders so that everyone can use the best combination of methods for extraordinary cases.

Step 5: Important information for relatives and friends of anxiety patients

At the end of the video course, there is a special episode for relatives and friends of anxiety patients. This video ensures that the people around you will be able to support you even better in the future in finding your way to a beautiful and anxiety-free life.

What users say about our online video course:

Sue A., Springfield

Sue A.
Springfield, Missouri

“I love your work! I learned more about myself and my anxiety disorder in just a few hours through your video course than in countless years of therapy and doctor visits. Now it’s obvious to me why I couldn’t get rid of my anxiety until now and what I need to do to finally become anxiety free again.”

Jamila P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamila D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I was very impressed by the different techniques that can immediately stop an anxiety attack. But, of course, you have to experience it yourself. Otherwise, you can’t believe it.”

Omar A.-J., San José, California

Omar A.-J.
San José, California

“I have suffered from agoraphobia for over 7 years. Neither pills nor therapy helped. It wasn’t until the video course that I realized that my thyroid medication was the cause of my unexplained anxiety. Since I changed my medication, the anxiety has gone away. Yet, incredibly, none of my doctors pointed this out to me.“