Instant help: Video course against agoraphobia

Instant help: Video course against agoraphobia

Finally, quick help for people suffering from anxiety disorders. This online video course from the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy explains step by step how you too can overcome agoraphobia, panic attacks, hypochondria and many other anxiety disorders on your own.

In Europe, this revolutionary form of self-therapy has been known for years as the Bernhardt Method and has already helped thousands of anxiety patients there to find their way back to a beautiful and anxiety-free life. And it does so without medication, without confrontation therapy and without painful reappraisal of early childhood traumas.

How can the online video course help me and what anxiety topics does it cover?

Our online video course The Anxiety Cure is an easy-to-follow, logically structured step-by-step guide divided into 4 steps. To achieve the fastest possible reduction in anxiety, we recommend that you watch the course in its entirety and in the correct order.


Here you will learn how agoraphobia, hypochondriasis or panic disorders really develop and which triggers your doctor may have overlooked. This aspect is particularly important, because it is not uncommon for there to be not just one, but several triggers behind an anxiety disorder that influence each other.


Here you’ll learn a whole range of anxiety-stopping techniques that really work. Forget about breathing techniques, distraction or progressive muscle relaxation! Thanks to modern brain research, there are now significantly more effective methods for stopping anxiety, dizziness, or even Depersonalization-derealization disorders (DPDR, DPD).


Here you will learn how you can literally “reprogram” your brain so that automated fears decrease significantly very quickly and disappear completely over time. With the help of the so-called 10-sentence method, you can often achieve a reduction in your anxiety level of up to 90% after just a few days. How long it ultimately takes to completely overcome the anxiety disorder depends, of course, on how long you have been suffering from anxiety and whether you are already addicted to medication. In most cases, however, this process takes less than 12 weeks.


The fourth part then deals with very concrete application examples for the mental techniques you have already learned. Whether you suffer from agoraphobia (with or without panic attacks), generalized anxiety disorder or hypochondria, for almost every anxiety disorder you will find tips and examples of how to proceed concretely. And even in the case of emetophobia, social phobia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the Bernhardt Method has been able to help thousands of sufferers to finally live anxiety-free again. And if you are already dependent on psychotropic drugs, the Bernhardt Method can also help you overcome them step by step.


At the end of the video course there is a special episode for relatives and friends of anxiety patients. This video ensures that the people around you will be able to support you even better in the future in finding your way to a beautiful and anxiety-free life.

Other topics also covered in the video course:

  • Mistakes in anxiety management that you’re probably unaware you make regularly.
  • How to finally get a grip on constant brooding.
  • In this way, you often eliminate dizziness within a few seconds.
  • Why Roemheld syndrome (RS), which is actually harmless, is often misdiagnosed as an anxiety disorder and treated incorrectly accordingly.
  • The three most underestimated triggers of anxiety disorders.
  • How effective are antidepressants really?
  • The commonly overlooked physical triggers of anxiety disorders.
  • Special techniques to overcome hypochondria, social phobia, emetophobia and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).
  • What to do if you have problems with your heartbeat, breathing or sleep?
  • How to reliablyavoid relapses.
  • How to make saying NO easy.
  • New techniques for the elimination of derealization and depersonalization disorders.
  • Stop emerging panic attacks in seconds with special fear-stopping techniques.

And much more

52 episodes with 8 hours of video material!

Plus a bonus video for the close family and friends of anxiety patients.

Absolutely no risk! In Germany, this method has been used successfully for more than 4 years and has already helped thousands of people to regain a life without fear or panic. In addition, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if the course does not have the desired effect on you. You can also take advantage of our special Coronavirus rate and buy your video course online now at a 50% discount! This is a limited-time offer.

By the way: The entire video course is structured in such a way that it contains NO anxiety triggers. Moreover, we have tried to explain everything in such a simple and understandable way that you can immediately start doing something about your anxiety disorder yourself.

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What users of our video course say:

“If this course had been around 3 years ago, I could’ve saved myself a lot of pain and suffering. I absolutely recommend it to everyone who’s struggling with fear and anxiety.”

Rebecca N.
Phoenix, Arizona

“These 8 hours of video were more useful to me than 2 years of psychoanalysis and 25 hours of behavioral therapy. I hope that I’ll finally get off of my medication, thanks to which I’ve already put on 38 lbs.”

Charlotte W.-B.
Seattle, Washington

“I haven’t had a single panic attack in months. This video program has helped me better than anything tried before. Why haven’t more doctors heard of this method? Hopefully it’ll also be introduced in the U.S. as soon as possible. It would be a blessing for everyone.”

Omar A.-J.
San José, California

“You immediately notice that the psychologist in the video course knows what it means to suffer from agoraphobia. With care and competence, she guided me step-by-step out of my fear. I can never thank her enough for that.”

Carolina H.
Boston, Massachusetts

“I finally know where my fears come from and how to get rid of them. My heartfelt thanks to the creators of this video course.”

Chloe R.-E.
Los Angeles, California

“I’m thrilled to have discovered this method. This video course helped me more than two visits to the clinic and 50 sessions with my therapist.”

Troy A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“I was very impressed by the different techniques that can immediately stop an anxiety attack. You have to experience it yourself, otherwise you can’t believe it.”

Dr. John R.
Washington, D.C.

“I just want to thank you. This video class has done so much more for me and my life than I ever could’ve imagined.”

Mia F.

“I was very impressed by the different techniques that can immediately stop an anxiety attack. You have to experience it yourself, otherwise you can’t believe it.”

Jamila P.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I was really bowled over by the fear-stopping techniques. You have to experience it yourself to be able to believe how effective they are.”

Mathew B.
New York City

What do doctors and therapists say?

“In my practice, the method developed by the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy has brought an outstanding improvement to my therapeutic work. Specialized in anxiety and panic disorders, Klaus Bernhardt’s method fits seamlessly and excellently into my therapeutic concept. A quantum leap in treatment!”

Dr. med. univ. Judith Innerhofer

“I found the new therapy concept that Klaus Bernhardt presented in 2018 in his international bestseller The Anxiety Cure convincing from the start, which is why I’ve been working with it for the past three years. The fast and lasting successes that anxiety patients can achieve thanks to this method confirm to me every day that my decision to use the method was the right one.”

Hans-Joachim Ruhr
Certified Psychologist & Psychotherapist

“Regardless of whether it’s the 10-Sentence Method or one of the numerous fear-stopping techniques developed at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy: whenever patients start working with the method, we often observe a surprisingly rapid reduction in anxiety and a significant increase in quality of life.”

Dr. Annette Weiß

“I am convinced that it is the same force in us that either causes fear or awakens hope and satisfaction. The Bernhardt Method is particularly fast and effective at directing this power in the right direction. That’s why I love to work with this method.”

Martin Goll
Certified Psychologist & Psychotherapist

“Working with these tools enables me to meet my large and small patients on the imaging, cognitive and action levels equally and imaginatively. The Bernhardt Method helps my patients look to the future and focus on their resources, and uses a language that never ceases to amaze both myself and my patients in regard to the humorous, lively and light atmosphere that it engenders between us. This is exactly how I picture effective psychotherapeutic work.”

Stefanie Preuß
Psychiatrist, Specialist for Child and Youth Psychiatry