Testimonials: What users of “The Anxiety Cure” say

What users of “The Anxiety Cure” say

What users of
“The Anxiety Cure” say

Charlotte W.-B., Seattle, Washington

Charlotte W.-B.
Seattle, Washington

“These 7 hours of video were more useful to me than 2 years of psychoanalysis and 25 hours of behavioral therapy. I hope that I’ll finally get off of my medication, thanks to which I’ve already put on 38 lbs.”

Abigail C., Cleveland, Ohio

Abigail C.
Cleveland, Ohio

Sometimes I still can’t believe how easy it was to get rid of my emetophobia.

I had almost given up after more than 4 years of therapy without lasting success. But then a friend told me about your video course. Sometimes I still can’t believe how easy it was to get rid of my emetophobia. Thanks to the videos, I was able to somehow reprogram my brain. As I type these lines into my phone, a very nice waiter is clearing my plate. I have just finished a portion of ribbon noodles with salmon with great pleasure. Completely! Now I’m still relaxed drinking the glass of wine that I treated myself to dinner and can hardly get out of my grin. Finally, I can enjoy everything again without developing any stupid thoughts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Steven J.
Waco, Texas

“You can tell right away that the creators of this video course know what it means to suffer from an anxiety disorder. The course is like talking to a good friend who guides you step by step out of anxiety. Absolutely recommended for anyone dealing with anxiety in any form.”

Marie-Susan R.

Marie-Susan R.

„I am infinitely grateful that I found this video course.“

“After I was diagnosed with hypochondria in 2018, I was prescribed antidepressants. I tolerated the pills well, but the fear of illness never completely disappeared. Instead, I felt like I was wrapped in absorbent cotton, which kept my worries at a tolerable level. Unfortunately, the medication caused me to gain 48 pounds over 3 years, which did nothing to improve my mood. It wasn’t until I started “The Anxiety Cure” that I had a breakthrough. In just 10 weeks, with the help of this great video course, I worked my way out of hypochondria and also managed to stop taking antidepressants. I have also lost a few pounds since then and of course now hope to be back to my old weight soon. I am infinitely grateful that I found this video course. I can only advise all sufferers to work with it as well. It really works!“

Dr. John R., Washington, D.C.

Dr. John R.
Washington, D.C.

“I was very impressed by the different techniques that can immediately stop an anxiety attack. You have to experience it yourself, otherwise you can’t believe it.”

Mia F., Detroit

Mia F.

“I just want to thank you. This video class has done so much more for me and my life than I ever could’ve imagined.”

Jim W., Santa Monica

Jim P.
Santa Monica, California

“This course has changed my life. Not only did it take away my anxiety, but it made me realize why my psyche so often reacted with fear and panic. The info in the videos is so much more than just tips for anxiety sufferers. When you engage in the tests and thought experiments, the effect is simply indescribable.”

Rebecca N.
Phoenix, Arizona

“If this course had been around 3 years ago, I could’ve saved myself a lot of pain and suffering. I absolutely recommend it to everyone struggling an anxiety disorder.”

Mark H.

Mark H.
Jacksonville, Florida

“I still can’t believe how quickly this video course helped me overcome my social anxiety.”

“I didn’t realize that I suffered from a social phobia until I was in college. At school, I was always hanging out with my best friend and didn’t realize that I obviously had problems opening up to others. Fortunately, I then discovered this video course. Thanks to the mental training that I now do for about 15 minutes a day, I’ve become what I guess you’d call a really sociable guy. Funnily enough, my new ease with others now feels just as genuine and authentic as my social anxiety did just a few weeks ago. I still can’t believe how quickly this video course helped me overcome my social anxiety.”

Chloe R.-E., Los Angeles, California

Chloe R.-E.
Los Angeles, California

“I finally know where my fears come from and how to get rid of them. My heartfelt thanks to the creators of this video course.”

Troy A., Tampa, Florida

Troy A.
Tampa, Florida

“I’m thrilled to have discovered this method. This video course helped me more than two visits to the clinic and 50 sessions with my therapist.”

Carolina H.
Boston, Massachusetts

“You immediately notice that the psychologist in the video course knows what it means to suffer from agoraphobia. With care and competence, he guided me step-by-step out of my fear. I can never thank him enough for that.”

Emma D., Louisville, Kentucky

Emma D.
Louisville, Kentucky

“I was very fortunate to have discovered the course very early. Before I started working with it, I had 4 or 5 panic attacks. Quite different from a friend who has been struggling with them every day for years. After just a few days I noticed the positive effect of this method and panic attacks have also not occurred since then. I really hope that my friend will also start using this method soon. The pills she has been taking for years do not help, except for the fact that she has gained weight, which she really suffers from. She still refuses to believe that such a simple method can help her too, but I’ll keep at it.”

Tom R.
New York City

“Dear Mr. Bernhardt, I haven’t had a panic attack in months. Your video course helped me better than all the medications I tried before. It is such a blessing for anyone suffering from anxiety disorders. You are welcome to publish my mail on your website so that as many sufferers as possible can learn how they can finally get well again.”

Lillian P. / Austin, Texas

Lillian P.
Austin, Texas

 “Step by step, I’ve managed to reclaim my old life.”

“Thank you so much for this video course. Already after the first few episodes I was sure I could finally do something about my fears. And that’s exactly how it was. Step by step, I managed to reclaim my old life. It wasn’t always easy, but every time I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, there was another video that gave me courage and made me aware of everything I had already achieved. My focus on myself, my environment and my future has changed a lot as a result. Today I can proudly say that I have managed to overcome my anxiety disorder by my own efforts. I will definitely recommend the course to others!”

Mathew B.
New York City

“I was really bowled over by the fear-stopping techniques. You have to experience it yourself to be able to believe how effective they are.”

Marie W.

Marie W.
Houston, Texas

“Nothing has ever helped me so quickly and so well as the techniques from this video course.”

“After just a few days, my panic attacks were much weaker. They came much less frequently, and when they did, I was able to end them quickly with the help of the Zoom technique. The course was worth it for that alone. A nice side effect of the 10-sentence method was also that my sleep disturbances almost completely disappeared. I’m confident that I’ll be able to overcome the rest of my anxiety in the next few weeks, because nothing has ever helped me as quickly and well as the techniques from this video course.”

Here’s what doctors say about the methods presented in THE ANXIETY CURE

Viktoria Glasman - Specialist in Neurology & Trauma Therapist

Viktoria Glasmann


This method has greatly enriched my work

“The method developed at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy has greatly enriched my work with people suffering from anxiety and PTSD. I am very grateful to Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt for the ease and precision that have accompanied my therapy sessions since I started working with the method they developed. With it, even severely traumatized people are able to feel significantly more joy in their lives, to focus on their true needs and to activate the necessary self-healing processes.”

Stefanie Preuß - Psychiatrist, Specialist for Child and Youth Psychiatry

Stefanie Preuß


This is how I envision effective psychotherapeutic work

As a physician, I am committed to scientific thinking. The therapy method developed at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy is based on the latest neuroscientific findings. Working with it enables me to offer effective help to my patients, large and small, at all cognitive levels of action. This is how I imagine effective psychotherapeutic work.”

Jürgen Peterek - Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, preventive physician (DAPM)

Jürgen Peterek


The Anxiety Cure helped me to treat my patients more effectively

“For many years I have been involved in holistic cardiology, both in diagnostics and in therapy. In the process, I often find that in addition to the organic causes of cardiovascular disease, there are other triggers that primarily affect the psyche and the autonomic system. This requires exactly such new approaches to thinking and treatment as are also presented in the online video course The Anxiety Cure. With the suggestions I got there, I have often been able to achieve amazingly fast treatment successes in my practice.”

Dr. med. univ. Judith Innerhofer - M.D.

Judith Innerhofer – M.D.


A quantum leap in treatment

“In my practice, the method developed by the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy brings an excellent improvement to my therapeutic work. Specialized in anxiety and panic disorders, the method of Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt fits seamlessly and excellently into my therapeutic concept. A quantum leap in treatment!”