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A young woman hiding in a sleeping bag, view from above

Good news for all those who suffer from nightmares. There is a method with which nightly horror trips can be significantly reduced. This blog article from the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy in Berlin explains which method it is and what exactly is behind nightmares.

Hypochondria. Did the doctor miss something after all

In hypochondriacal disorder, sufferers are often convinced that they are suffering from a serious illness that just hasn’t been discovered yet, such as a brain tumor. The more pronounced the fear of illness, the more often it happens that hypochondriacs constantly visit new doctors. The driving force behind this is the hope that someone will finally discover the disease that all medical professionals have previously overlooked. But no matter how many doctor’s visits are made, the diagnosis …

Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt, specialists for anxiety disorders and developers of the Bernhardt Method

The Bernhardt Method is a short-term therapy for anxiety disorders developed at the Institute for Modern Psychotherapy in Berlin. It was named after the two directors of the Institute, Daniela and Klaus Bernhardt. It was first introduced to an international audience in the book “Get rid of panic attacks and other anxiety disorders”  (In German: Panikattacken und andere Angststörungen loswerden), which was on the bestseller list in Germany for over two years and has since been …

Agoraphobia and panic attacks: What really helps

While agoraphobia without panic attacks is often still treated without the use of psychotropic drugs, antidepressants and/or strong tranquilizers are often used for agoraphobia with panic attacks. However, drug treatment of anxiety disorders is not without risks. Because such pharmacotherapy can be both addictive and lead to severe side effects. Fortunately, a new form of therapy has been available for a few years now that does not require any psychotropic drugs at all and yet usually leads to a significant reduction in the feeling of anxiety.

Can Caffeine Cause Anxiety?

Do you feel anxious after drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages? Or are you worried that caffeine causes anxiety? The answer to this question is not as simple as yes or no. While there is evidence that some people develop increased anxiety with …

Female client fanting in pharmacy and feeling off

Anxiety can cause various symptoms, and dizziness or lightheadedness is one of them. It typically occurs in moments of intense fear or anxiety. Anxiety can cause you to feel like the room is swaying or spinning and your surroundings are distorted – as if reality has shifted. These feelings may also be accompanied by an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, palpitations, and …

How to stop psychosomatic giddiness quickly

A few years ago, a lady came to our practice. She told me in a preliminary telephone conversation that she was terrified of falling. As soon as she entered the hallway, I noticed she was leaning against the wall, looking for support. When she entered the treatment room, she grabbed the nearest chair back and held on to it convulsively. When asked about this, she told me she was suffering from giddiness. For years, she would go from one doctor to another without anyone being able to help her with this problem. 

Depression due to protein deficiency

Can depression be caused only by protein deficiency? Yes, this is actually possible! Learn now what you should pay attention to in the future. Every human being needs protein. This is because the essential amino acids it contains are the raw material from which we produce all the messenger substances in our brain. If we don’t eat enough protein at every meal, our brains can’t function properly. We become anxious, unfocused, tired and sooner or later depressed.